Mineralogy is a science without limits.

The cornerstone of the terrestrial world, mineralogy constitutes a limitless science, which never tires of questioning us.

The healing properties of stones.

The author endeavored to rediscover what Ayurvedic medicine had taught since the dawn of time: the healing virtues of stones. Michael Gienger inventories this census with mastery and sobriety, indicating precisely everything that is fundamental to know about stones, from the most common to the rarest.

A careful selection of their healing faculties makes it possible to achieve a completeness that will satisfy both the neophyte and the experienced practitioner.

From tugtupite to orthoclase, from obsidian to alexandrite… You will go from discovery to discovery, each stone being represented in color, accompanied by its mineralogical definition and its action on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Search for well-being.

A practical book that will accompany you at the heart of your search for well-being.